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Islamic Cairo revisited

Ababda Bedouins

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Shelatin Portraits

Shelatin camel bazaar


Athos panoramic





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Sigmund Freud Berggasse 19 Wien

8 x Love in Moscow

Petersburg 1993

Petersburg panoramic

Castello di Montegufoni

Wisconsin State Fair Park

Moscow Preobrazhenka


Beitar Illit

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Bet Shemesh

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Zbigniew Kosc


Zbigniew Kosc PERM
Amsterdam - Wien 2008, 48 pp., 39 duotone illustrations,
6x9", edition 100 copies, signed
to be ordered via z.kosc@chello.nl
or photo-eye
visit PERM

catalog of the exhibition

TRACES Erinnerung in Fotografien
Künstlerhaus Wien - Fotohof Salzburg 2008
full color, 96 pages, 28 x 22 cm, ISBN 978-3902675-13-2
Monat der fotografie
to be ordered via www.fotohof.at
or www.buchhandel.de

current and future exhibitions

Mount Athos Center in Thessaloniki
109 Egnatia str.
54635 Thessaloniki

15.09.2015 - 29.01.2016

Dom Polonii
Rynek Glówny 14
31 008 Cracow
t +48(12)4224355

invites you to exhibition opening of the Dutch and Polish artists

Polish Cosmos in The Netherlands

the opening:
Friday, September 28th, 2012 from 18:00 - 20.00

Baciar photography
Dana Baginska graphics
Rutger ten Broeke photography
Reinier Gerritsen photography
Maya Gordon paintings
Magdalena Jesionek paintings
Zbigniew Kosc photography/curator
Ella Pronk photography
Nicole Segers photography
Marek Stawski photography
Blanka Wasowicz photography

the exhibition in Cracow will be opened until
October 20th, 2012



The exhibition Polski Kosmos (Polish Cosmos), currently at Dom Polonii Cracow-Poland presents highlights from a series of individual exhibitions held in 2010-2011 at Dom Polski, located in Amsterdam. Polski Kosmos offers a look at the work of Polish artists having lived in The Netherlands for several years, as well as Dutch artists working with Polish themes. For the individual exhibitions, Dom Polski in Amsterdam provided both the space and helped with the organization.
The intention was not only to show quality work but to integrate cultural circles, bringing together people who under normal circumstances might not have the opportunity to meet. And both objectives have been realized. Amsterdam’s free and tolerant atmosphere was a fine location for the exhibitions which were visited by large numbers, among them local Poles, new Dutch friends and visitors from Lithuania, America, Israel and Russia. The openings were time after time graced with performances that became an introduction to the exhibitions and beautiful concerts with local musicians which included excellent Polish performers.

Polski Kosmos has definitely been a success!

NYC International Perspectives photography

currated by Andrei Martynov & Jennifer Drucker

Museum of History of Photography
ul. Profesora Popova 23
St.Petersburg, Russia


September-October 2010

participating artists
Pavel Antonov | Carlos Ascolastico
Gianni Cesare Borghesan | Guido Cecere | Anita Chernevski Jill Conner | Frank Dituri | Susan Dooley | Kerstin Drobek
Jennifer Drucker | Eugenia Gortchakova | Marcy Hargan
Barry Kornbluh | Zbigniew Kosc | Anton Koslov-Mayer
Susan Kravitz | Isolde Loock | Arthur Leipzig
Thom O'Connor | Valery Orlov | Joan Powers
Walter Rosenblum | Edward Rubin | Avigail Schimmel
Claire Seidl

Novosibirsk State Art Museum
Krasnoyarsk Museum Center
Museum of Photography Ekaterinburg
Russian Museum of Photography Nizhni Novgorod
Museum of Photography St.Petersburg
Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Villa Ichon Bremen Germany


The Bloggers’ Mount Athos

Mount Athos Center
Thessaloniki Greece

23 photographers from 7 countries visitors and pilgrims to Mount Athos capture the everyday life of the Monastic Community with their cameras and share their impressions on the web.

The Exhibition will be opened by the Mayor of Thessaloniki and Chairman of the Board of the Mount Athos Center, Mr. Vasilis Papageorgopoulos on Monday, June 7, 2010 following a press conference for celebrating the 10 years of the Mount Athos Center.

The simultaneous online exhibition will be launched on Thursday, June 10 at the Mount Athos Center’s website www.agioritikiestia.gr

Mount Athos Center
Egnatias 109 - Nedelkou Building
54635 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. +30.2310.263308
Fax. +30.2310.250648
email: agestia@otenet.gr

Zbigniew Kosc © Exit, Athos, The Monastery of Simonos Petras, 1983

more http://home.tiscali.nl/kosc/

3 x pano award 2010

Zbigniew Kosc ® Meat bazaar at the Midan es-Salakhana, 1996, b/w print, 48 x 20 cm


new book

Zbigniew Kosc fields and gardens

preface by Axel Holvoet

Academia Salensis Vilnius 2010

book covers

... When the wedding guests and the weekend tourists are gone, merciful silence closes in again on the fields and gardens of Salos. The silence is enchanting, as is the melancholy of the derelict agricultural implements scattered about the fields, or the crumbling wooden cottages.
Axel Holvoet, Preface

print run 300

25 x 18,5 cm
60 pages
39 black and white photographs
full color printing


to order via z.kosc@chello.nl

The Great Escape

group show

Künstlerhaus k/hausgalerie
5.-28.11. 2010

Eröffnung: 4.11. 2010, 19h
Eröffnungsrede: Georg Russegger, Medien- und Kommunkationswissenschaftler

Finissage: 28.11. 2010, 16h mit Versteigerung der ausgestellten Fotografien

Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

Täglich 10-18h
Donnerstag 10-21h

Die Kunst kann uns aus der Gebundenheit des Alltags herausheben und Wunschbilder, Tagträume, Sehnsüchte und Utopien in Bildern einfangen, welche dann als Artefakte einer möglichen oder unmöglichen Gegenwart unsere Gedanken und Gefühle beeinflussen.
Das Ausstellungsprojekt “The Great Escape“ macht sich die konstruktive und manipulative Macht der Fotografie zu nutze, um in einem kollaborativen Prozess der Bilderfindung die Formen der Sichtbarkeit auszuweiten und abzuheben von dem, was sonst als logisch, linear und realistisch angesehen wird.
24 KünstlerInnen aus 9 Ländern nahmen an diesem gemeinschaftlichen Arbeitsprozess, der im Netz in einem dafür eingerichteten “Virtual Studio“ nach festgelegten Spielregeln ablief, teil.
“Escape“ bedeutete für alle Teilnehmenden in dieser speziellen Arbeitssituation auch das Überschreiten der eigenen Grenzen:
das Aufgeben der Autorenschaft als bewußter Schritt gegen den Individualismuszwang im Kunstsystem; neue Erfahrungen sammeln in Bezug auf die persönliche Arbeitsweise und nicht zuletzt die Herausforderung, neue Interpretationen der eigenen Bilder zu zulassen.
Zu Beginn stellte jede(r) der Teilnehmenden eigene Fotos ins “Virtual Studio“, welche dann wieder und wieder von allen bearbeitet wurden, wobei jede(r) KünstlerIn unter einem “nickname“, also inkognito arbeitete.
So sind im Zeitraum von vier Monaten mehr als 300 gemeinsam erarbeitete Fotos zum Thema “The Great Escape“ entstanden.

Kuratorinnen: Brigitte Konyen, Ilse Chlan

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog in deutscher und englischer Sprache

Art can lift us out of the limitations of everyday life, capturing ideals, daydreams, longings, and utopias in images that then, as the artifacts of a possible or impossible present, influence our thoughts and feelings.
The exhibition project “The Great Escape“ harnesses the constructive and manipulative power of photography in a collaborative process of visual invention that seeks to expand the forms of visibility and depart from what is otherwise regarded as logical, linear, and realistic. Twenty-four artists from nine countries participated in this communal operation, which took place in accordance with fixed rules in a “virtual studio“ set up on the Internet.
“Escape“ also meant that the participants in this special creative situation would transcend their own boundaries, forsaking individual authorship as a deliberate step against the compulsive individualism in the art system, gaining new experience with respect to their own personal way of working, and, not least important, learning to live with new interpretations of their own pictures.
Initially, each participant contributed his or her own photographs to the “virtual studio“. All participants then repeatedly manipulated each others pictures, working incognito under assigned nicknames.
Over four months, this process has led to more than three hundred collaboratively created photographs around the theme of “The Great Escape“.

Curators: Brigitte Konyen, Ilse Chlan

A catalog in German and English

The first opening of the FACE: evolution of portrait in photography
finally happened in the
State Novosibirsk Historical Museum
Krasny Prospekt 23, Novosibirsk, Russia
phone 3832 271543

February 16 - March 14. 2011


During the first weekend it was visited by over 1000 people.
The next stop will be in Krasnoyarsk, then in Omsk, Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk,
the last show in Russia will be in St. Petersburg on December 4,
with a discussion about contemporary photography, lectures, master-classes etc.


Tom Chambers | Frank Dituri | Laurence Gartel | Jenni Vogel I Almond Chu |
Atta Kim | Norio Kobayashi | Andrey Polushkin | Andrey Chegin |
Valera&Natasha Cherkashin | Alexandra Mitlyanskaya | Eugenia Gortchakova |
Alexander Zabrin | Svyatoslav Ponomarev | Max Sauco | Christoph Meul |Serena Andrieni |
Carlos Escolastico | Angel Pantoja | Zbigniew Kosc | Barry Kornbluh | Ono Ludwig |
Kimiko Yoshida | Pascal Yelle | Davida Kidd | Brigitte Konyen | Derek Besant |
Ilse Chlan | Roger Ballen | Deena Des Rioux | Tero Puha | Jeniffer Drucker | Jiri David |



Stichting Nederlands Pools Huis/Fundacja Niderlandzki Dom Polski
Keizersgracht 174-2 Amsterdam Netherlands t +3120 6276868

curator Zbigniew Kosc

25.09.2010-20.10.2010 Baciar Amsterdam Classic photography
23.10.2010-23.11.2010 Blanka Wasowicz & Rutger ten Broeke Together photography
18.12.2010-16.01.2011 Marek Stawski Congo river photography
29.01.2011-17.02.2011 Ella Pronk Poland 1979 photography
19.02.2011-07.03.2011 Nicole Segers Polish Easten border photography
12.03.2011-09.04.2011 Polish beauty group show photography & painting
23.04.2011-13.05.2011 Magdalena Jesionek I live, therefore I am painting
21.05.2011-12.06.2011 Maya Gordon house home house acryl

Polish Cosmos is a cycle of eight exhibitions of contemporary photography, painting and graphics. Those exhibiting are either artists of Polish origin active in the Dutch art world or Dutch artists whose work has a Polish viewpoint. All exhibitions will be at Dom Polski/Pools Huis during 2010-2011

more about the exhibitions www.poolsekosmos.nl

Zbigniew Kosc © Conversation, Brzegi, 1980, silver print, 15 x 20 cm