Zbigniew Kosc conditions of use

Before providing you high resolution scans I would like to know some
essential details about your publication:

1. Who is the author and what is the title of your forthcoming
publication? Would you like to summarize the content?

2. What is the size and form of the page or the cover?
Is it a horizontal or vertical?

3. How do you want use my photograph?

Trying to protect integrity of my work I expect you to accept the
following standard condition of the use:

1. The photograph will be reproduced as a complete image and not as a
fragment, collage, composition, logo, banner etc.

2. The photograph will not be manipulated or "improved."

3. No text should be printed on my photograph.

4. My exclusive copyright should be visibly reported; I wish to be
credited at the proper place.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you agree.
mail to z.kosc@chello.nl



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