ALTAY 1992
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While I have photographed a variety of subjects, I have a special interest in people living in the countryside, traditional cultures and religious cults. Photographs on this and next pages are taken during a journey to the Republic of Altay; an autonomous region in Siberia. Located close to the Mongolian border, Altay is a beautiful country of mountains and remote valleys where shamanism and other ancient nomadic traditions are still practiced.

After a long flight from Moscow and two days of driving in a 'Wolga' car, I arrived upon an immense plateau high in the mountains. During three rainy days, I witnessed the , Woodstock-like festival full of dancing and singing in various local languages and styles. Among thousands of people, I was impressed to see honest sports like stone lifting, wrestling, bow and arrow competition and notably horse races
to Ms. Elvira Semonovna Kunina
and my friend Mr. Andrei Ivanovich Baskakov and The Russian Union of Photographers
who inspired and organized my journey to Altay in 1992

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CD rom Altay music (mp3) recorded live during El Oyin festival in 1992
DVD multimedia project Altay 1992 (photographs, music, movement)
presented on the Siberian Biennale of Photography, Surgut, Russia 2005

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