Zbigniew Kosc book design

Zbigniew Kosc: front cover + design of the catalog
TRACES-Erinnerung in Fotografien'
published by Künstlerhaus Wien - Fotohof Salzburg 2008
full color, 96 pages, ISBN 978-3902675-13-2

Zbigniew Kosc: illustration front (right) and back cover + design of the catalog
THE SECRET LIFE OF BODIES' (in Russian nad English), Natalya Tamruchi (ed.)
Open Gallery, Moscow 2009, full color, 48 pages

front (left) and back covers + catalog design
Zbigniew Kosc 'PERM'
Amsterdam - Wien 2008
48 pages, duoton, edition 100 signed copies
to order via z.kosc@chello.nl

Zbigniew Kosc 'fields and gardens'
Academia Salensis, Salos/Vilnius 2010

print run 300

25 x 18,5 cm
60 pages
39 black and white photographs
full color printing

price € 20 + shipping

to order via z.kosc@chello.nl


book and web design on demand mail to z.kosc@chello.nl

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