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Bashkirian hunter with his dog, Maloyaz/Ufa-photography by Zbigniew Kosc©1991
A Tartar hunter and his dog, Maloyaz village (Bashkiria), Russian Federation - photography by Zbigniew Kosc © 1991

"...The Russian work of Zbigniew Kosc, rides the wonderfully thin line between humour and tragedy. From a warm portrait of a babuschka trying to sell her only rooster at the market in St. Petersburg (the rooster is perched atop an empty crate of Nefertiti (!) oranges) to a Bashkir teacher and her school choir waiting half-hopefully on a windy and desolate plain for the arrival of the Russian president, Kosc’s photographs are powerful documents of the places and people he sees,
at the time he sees them.(...)

by Sam Garrett about the exhibition "Three Journeys"


Babushka tries to sell her only rooster at the bazaar, Russia, st.Petersburg - photography by Zbigniew Kosc © 1993





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